Hunter Worksheet!

Before you read this, make sure you have read our post on the lion and the gazelle!

The hunter worksheet is designed to help establish if you are ready to take on a new chapter in your life.

The task is completed by working backwards. Start off by answering question 6. Do not move onto question 5 until you are completely happy with your answer. Once you are happy with answer 5 move onto 4 and so on.

It could take minutes to work through the 6 sections, for others it could take days. There is no rush.

Once all six boxes are complete and you are happy with the answers, ready through it over and over forwards from question 1 to 6. You should be able to see that your future is firmly in your hands and only you can make the change you need.

Take immediate action to overcome the challenges you raised in the final section. By overcoming barriers such as these you are showing the hunting like skills needed to make your future a reality.

It is a simple choice that any-one can make. Are the hunter or the hunted? Are you happy with your current position in the food chain? Do you thrive for something different but do not know how to find it?

The Choices Personal Development Programme is designed to help define who you are. You can be a hunter, with the right attitude and a great plan you to can reach greatness in life. To find out how you can be involved in choices either as a participant or as a service provider email us at

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