Here are some of the questions we seem to get asked most…

Is it the same as other programmes?

Absolutely, 100% NO! It is completely different to anything else in the market, how do we know? Because we created every single part it with our own bare hands.

Where do you deliver choices?

We deliver Choices in a number of different locations around the country and sometimes even abroad. Get in touch and we can tell you if there is a programme near you!

How much does it cost?

That depends on who you are and your circumstances. It may even be free. Drop us a line and we can give you more information.

Will it change my life?

Only if you want it to. We cannot make you do anything. We can open up opportunity which is down to you to grab with both hands.

Do you do anything other than Choices?

Choices is a brand that is owned by a training company called Sixth Sense Learning based in the North East of England. Sixth Sense offer a variety of training and people development solutions.

Can I get some free stuff?

For sure, just check out the learn pages where you will find a variety of resources to help make amazing choices in your life. Alternatively sign up to our newsletter, find us on social media or follow our podcasts.